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What is the Fierce Ecosystem?

The Fierce Ecosystem is a network of platforms and organizations that operate under the umbrella of Fierce Technologies Corporation. It comprises various entities and subsidiaries working together towards a common goal of promoting innovation, education, and development. The Fierce Ecosystem includes platforms such as Fierce EDU, Bytevid Social, Bytevid, Bytevid Music, Bytevid Pixel, Bytevid Whisper, and more. Fierce Technologies Corporation, the parent company of the ecosystem, is a technology company that focuses on providing advanced solutions and services. It prioritizes social responsibility, data protection, and AI regulations. The Fierce Ecoystem is guided by core values such as integrity, respect, innovation, customer focus, and excellence.

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We Offer a Wide
Variety of Platforms

Bytevid Social

A social media platform that provides a space for users to connect, share content, and interact with each other. It offers features similar to Facebook, creating a vibrant online community.


A video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, watch, and engage with a wide range of videos. It offers a diverse collection of user-generated and professional content, similar to YouTube.

Bytevid Music

A music sharing platform designed for music enthusiasts. It enables users to upload, discover, and engage with various genres of music, similar to SoundCloud.

Bytevid Pixel

A image sharing platform that lets users upload, explore, and interact with visually appealing images, similar to Instagram.

Bytevid Whisper

A platform for short conversations and discussions. Users can engage in quick, text-based exchanges, similar to Twitter.

Bytevid Meet

A free conferencing software platform that offers video and audio conferencing features, allowing users to connect remotely, similar to Zoom.